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SAP Analytics Use Cases

Explore how SAP Analytics products support your IT and business needs. 

Resource Center

The data visualization handbook

Discover how to approach your data, how to make the most of elements within data visualizations, and decide which visualizations tell your audience the best story.

A business technology platform for data-driven innovation

Discover how the digital platform from SAP dynamically orchestrates the growing volume of data and business processes across an intelligent enterprise.  

End-to-end decision-making platforms align the organization

Learn how the future of analytics brings machine learning and human interactions together to automate tactical decision-making from Dan Vesset, Group Vice President of IDC.

Cloud analytics adoption is skyrocketing

Discover how hybrid analytics allows organizations like Cascades Canada to expand and extend previous on-premise investments with rapid innovation in the cloud.

Analytics provides a unified view of organizational plans

See how companies drive real-time efficiency by aligning strategic, financial, and operational plans for one version of the truth.

The new competitive advantage is experience data

Hear about the new competitive advantage you can gain by using analytics and experience data from Tony Cosentino, a data and analyst evangelist from Capgemini. 

Become data-driven with augmented analytics

Find out why augmented analytics is the next wave of disruption in the analytics market, enabling users to spend less time exploring data and more time acting on insights given to them.

The business value of augmented analytics

Learn how augmented analytics automates valuable insights using machine learning and natural-language generation.

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