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Artificial Intelligence

Build an intelligent enterprise by infusing AI technologies into applications and business scenarios at scale.
Smarten up your business processes with Artificial Intelligence

Learn from a real-life example how to improve productivity and efficiency while enhancing the customer experience by applying AI to standardized business processes.

Enterprise AI: An introduction to SAP's AI strategy

SAP is committed to helping businesses inject AI into business processes in a scalable way to help you realize business value. Learn more about our strategy. 

Make Your Business Intelligent with Enterprise AI

The best-run businesses become intelligent when they use agile, integrated business processes powered by AI. Learn how to make it a reality with Enterprise AI by SAP and SAP Process Automation tools.

Automate and optimize corporate processes with SAP AI Business Services

By providing reusable and generic services and applications that automate and optimize corporate processes, SAP AI Business Services enables AI to be easily consumed across the entire business.

Automate document processing with document information extraction

Process business documents more efficiently with fewer errors and difficulties, allowing employees to focus on value-adding tasks, using AI-powered services from SAP.

openSAP Course
How to build chatbots with SAP Conversational AI

Follow this free online MOOC for a solution overview and step-by-step tutorials on creating an enterprise-ready chatbot from scratch using the platform capabilities.

openSAP Course
Use SAP AI Business Services to kick-start your intelligent processes

Join this free online course to learn how to get started with AI in your business processes with the help of SAP AI Business Services, and identify use cases in areas such as supply chain, procurement, and finance.

Hyperautomate your financial shared service center with SAP solutions

Achieve new levels of operational excellence by automating and optimizing the request handling process in shared service centers with SAP S/4HANA, SAP Intelligent RPA, and SAP AI Business Services.

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