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Find the information you need on cloud performance, security, privacy, and compliance.

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SAP Global Security: SAP’s Response to CVE-2021-44228 Apache Log4j 2A

SAP security for the Intelligent Enterprise

See how SAP can help you innovate on your path to becoming an intelligent enterprise.
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Securing the Intelligent Enterprise

SAP supports organizations in their transformation journey. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of security for our customers, their data, and their processes.

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Running a safe and successful business

Learn about the SAP Global Security team and its network of specialized divisions that provide the insight, management, and monitoring that can help you safeguard your business.

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Managing business continuity

Find out how SAP is prepared to support day-to-day business for employees, customers, and stakeholders with a playbook for success, even in the face of uncertainty and unexpected events.

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Powering your intelligent enterprise in the cloud

Discover how you can enable secure business and technology innovations and intelligent enterprise operations with the SAP Cloud portfolio and SAP Cloud Secure services. 

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Securing the enterprise

Learn how built-in security features can help you protect your on-premise solutions, hybrid and cloud environments, and customer- and partner-facing processes.

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Redefining cybersecurity

Imagine a world where businesses execute strategies without worrying about securing data and where fast-paced cybersecurity capabilities enable data to become a source for growth.

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SAP TechEd security sessions

Learn how you can secure your system landscape with security offerings from SAP, and how other companies are securing their business with our security offerings.

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Cloud services reference guide

As a cloud services provider, SAP understands the responsibility of protecting the information and privacy that is entrusted to us by our customers and partners.

Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.
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Mitigating the threat of ransomware

Read an introduction to ransomware for IT leaders and the steps you can take to protect your systems.

Security man using his computer to protect the business
SAP and Onapsis executive fireside chat

Learn best practices and controls you should implement to secure your business-critical SAP applications against modern ransomware.

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Identity lifecycle in hybrid landscapes

Learn about SAP’s approach to identity and access management (IAM). See how SAP builds software integrations in cloud and hybrid environments ensuring security and compliance.

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Application security validation

Find out how SAP performs a final validation of software security properties and data privacy controls before releasing or shipping our software to customers.

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Managing the identity lifecycle

Learn how you can build a security bridge between on-premise and cloud-based apps in hybrid SAP landscapes.

Best practices for securing SAP solutions

Discover the measures and methods you can implement to operate, maintain, and configure your SAP solutions correctly and securely.

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Gain visibility and control of your data in the cloud

SAP Data Custodian is a data protection solution for customers in the public cloud. It’s an innovative governance, risk, and compliance SaaS app which can give your enterprise control of your data.

A lock on code representing securing your software
Threat Modeling: Deliver secure software

To develop secure software, you need to build security into products right from the start. Learn about threat modelling and how it helps you take a proactive, strategic approach to software security.

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SAP’s standards for protecting data

SAP’s document, “SAP’s Standards, Processes, and Guidelines for Protecting Data and Information”, describes the cybersecurity standards at SAP and aims to answer any questions customers may have on the topic.

Developers working together to build secure software products
Threat management guide

SAP has developed a system to identify threats, assess the probability of their occurrence, and apply countermeasures to manage them effectively.

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Vulnerability management guide

Read how SAP is managing vulnerabilities with vulnerability management, the security practice designed to proactively prevent the exploitation of security vulnerabilities that exist with cloud solutions from SAP. 

Secure your business with support from an innovative and reliable partner.
Person reading policies on a tablet
Policy framework

Find out how SAP places a high priority on securing our fundamentals, while taking a service-driven, agile, and cloud-centric approach to securing an intelligent enterprise.

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Safeguarding physical security

Discover the steps the physical security team at SAP is taking to help support the protection and well-being of SAP employees and customers worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Maintaining transparency in the cloud

Explore how SAP works to continuously strengthen and improve security features in our cloud software and service offerings.

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Supporting security of SAP solutions

Find information that can help you safeguard your SAP solutions and meet the security, privacy, and compliance goals for your business.

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Five ways to build trust in cloud technology

Discover why 80% of organizations reported an increase in cyberattacks in 2020, and find out how SAP builds trust in technology.

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Practical suggestions for building a security culture

Learn how technology companies can build a valuable security culture. View on establishing a disciplined execution for security beyond relying only on few world class experts.

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Cyber Fusion Center

As part of our commitment to strengthening its security position, SAP created a Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) that integrates cyberthreat intelligence with security and technology operations and response.

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Global security program

Learn about the early talent security program that offers rotations through multiple SAP business units with dedicated training focused on defending SAP from cybersecurity threats.

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